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Looking for a dazzling white smile? Magnum dental clinic offers the best teeth whitening in Dubai that works wonders on smiles. We work with our patients based on their type of discoloration and treat them accordingly. Our skilled Dubai dentists jump-start your smile makeover. Magnum Dental Clinic Dubai offers effective and gentle teeth whitening options to help our patients achieve their desired pearly white smile. Our skilled dentists are experts in professional teeth whitening treatments that drastically improve the colour of teeth and reduce the appearance of stains, white spots, and discoloration.

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BEYOND Polus Advanced Teeth Whitening

If you are looking for an advanced teeth whitening treatment system in Dubai, Beyond Polus may be the right choice for you. For teeth whitening this system uses LED light technology and a specifically designed gel to help remove deep-set stains and discoloration. The gel is applied to the teeth and then the LED light is used to activate it. This system is said to be more effective than traditional bleaching methods and can achieve results in as little as 20 minutes.

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Beyond Polus Teeth Whitening Accelerator

What is Tooth Whitening?

Tooth whitening is the process of lightening of the color of a tooth through the application of a chemical agent to oxidize the organic pigmentation in the tooth.

When does one need Tooth Whitening?

Indications: Desire to have white teeth.
Aesthetics – patient not satisfied with the color of their tooth.
Tooth staining – consumption of strong tea, coffee, colored carbonated beverages, red wine, staining feeds.
- Smoking
- Aging
- Tetracycline staining, Antibiotics
- Dental Abrasions
- Before Veneers, ceramic crowns etc.,
Brightening of the tooth enamel can transform your appearance, especially with bright smile. The contrast between the skin and teeth creates a welcome. The face looks fresher and healthier.

What is the procedure of Tooth Whitening?

• Examine oral cavity and make sure no cavities or gingival tissue abnormalities.
• Do oral prophylaxis before whitening.
• Use shade guide to record patients shade before whitening.
• Procedure start with protection of tissues around teeth with application of GP moisturizes and retractor placement.
• Then isolations of soft tissues or gums from teeth by application of gingival dam so enamel surface of teeth is only thing exposed for whitening.
• Gel is then applied on labial surfaces of upper and lower teeth in layers approx. from thick.
• Monitors to ensure no bleach contacting soft tissues.
• Light source is added on which activities gel and whitening process.
• Prefer listening music this makes them relax while whitening.
• It is common to feel little sensitivity at bottom teeth.
• After completing final session of whitening program approximately 40 min, suction away the gel.
• Removal of dam and isolation cotton rolls and check retractor etc.,
• Refer to shade guide and record patient’s new shade.

Post-operative dental instructions:

• Avoid strongly staining foods or drinks like tobacco, coffee, red wines, as much as possible for few days after treatment also citrus fruits, too hot and cold temperature foods.
• Mild sensitivity is considered normal, disappears in about 2 days.
• Application of fluoride treatment will reduce sensitivity.
• Can use any desensitizing tooth pastes for few days after whitening if require.

Types of Teeth Whitening procedures:

Prior to proceeding to tooth whitening methods, advised to visit dental office and oral prophylaxis and oral examination to be done and treat fillings done to remove cavities.
This will allow maximum benefits of whichever method:
1. In Office: Explained above.
2. At home: Includes – 

i) Strips and gels
ii) Whitening rinses
iii) Whitening toothpastes
iv) Tray based tooth whiteners..

3. Internal bleaching of endodontically treated teeth.

Contraindications (Not recommended for the whitening):

- Allergy to peroxide
- Pre- existing sensitive teeth
- Patients with unrealistic expectations.
- Cracks or exposed dentin.
- Enamel developmental defects.
- Acid erosion
- Receding gums and yellow roots.
- Sensitive gums
- Defective dental restorations, crowns in bleaching zone.
- Tooth decay – white spot decalcification may be highlighted and becomes more noticeable.
- Periapical pathology
- Untreated periodontal (gum)disease
- Pregnant or lactating women
- Children under age of 16
- Hypertension, cancer, endocrine disease.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I book an appointment?
To book an appointment at any of our dental clinics, you can fill the form available at the top, and one of our representatives will get in touch with you. Alternatively, you can also give us a call on +971543363340.
What are your dental clinic timings?
Magnum Dental clinics remain open from 9 AM to 11 PM every day. However, in the case of unforeseen situations, the timing may differ on that particular day. Our Clinics are open on weekends.
What modes of payment are acceptable at Magnum Dental Clinics?
We accept payments through Cash/Credit Card/ Debit Card.
What are the safety measures adopted by Magnum?
Magnum Dental has taken world-class precautions to assure patient safety. In response to the COVID crisis, we improved our safety protocols in accordance with WHO guidelines and are now using 10X safety protocols. When it comes to safety and cleanliness, we make no compromises. This ensures that the area is fully sterile and hygienic.
Is it possible to do whitening of the crown?
- Whitening is indicated for use in lightening color of natural teeth.
- porcelain crowns, veneers, fillings, and dentures do not lighten upon whitening.
How often can-do whitening?
- Not recommended more than once a year to 18 months depending on how long result last and health of your enamel.
Does it harm enamel?
- It does not harm enamel if you follow all rules recommendations of doctor.
How much brighter my tooth can get after whitening?
- Usually, 3-7 shades brighter but same product gives completely different shades in different patients difficult to predict exact results.
How long does the whitening last?
- The required effect can last from 6 months to several years if maintained and by avoiding colored foods using special paste and rinses and regular cleaning sessions and good oral hygiene.