Teeth Whitening Services in Dubai

Looking for a dazzling white smile? Magnum dental clinic offers teeth whitening that works wonders on smiles. We work with our patients based on their type of discoloration and treat them accordingly. Our skilled dentists jump-start your smile makeover. Magnum Dental Clinic offers effective and gentle teeth whitening options to help our patients achieve their desired pearly white smile. Our skilled dentists are experts in professional teeth whitening treatments that drastically improve the colour of teeth and reduce the appearance of stains, white spots, and discoloration.


What is Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening is the process of evening out the color of teeth. This can be done either by chemically changing the color or by physically removing it through mechanical means. The most common form of teeth whitening is through chemical means, which changes the surface properties of dentin and enamel so that they appear whiter.
Teeth whitening

Best Teeth Whitening Services in Dubai

The Magnum Clinic provides teeth whitening treatments in Silicon Oasis, Dubai. We have been helping restore the beautiful smiles of our patients for many years. Our team of professional doctors are here to help you find the polishing option for your teeth.
We have an experienced and highly qualified team of doctors and dental surgeons who provide the right treatments for all your dental problems.

Our doctors at Magnum Clinic perform the tooth whitening treatments without removing any of the tooth surface. You can rest assured that it is a very effective way of lightening the natural color of your teeth.
If your teeth are stained due to food or drinks such as wine, coffee or other beverages, we offer treatments that lighten the color. Our dental team will let you know various options that are available and suggest you the right teeth whitening solution.

The procedures Magnum Clinic provides defer depending on the condition of your teeth. Our dentists will asses your teeth and to ensure that you are suitable for the treatment.

The Magnum Clinic is committed to providing the best oral health care services. We hold the expertise and are dedicated to offering you all the services with honesty and integrity.

Our doctors talk to you and advise a comprehensive solution for your dental health and hygiene. We are here to answer all your queries and offer you custom treatment plans. At Magnum Clinic, we believe it’s our privilege to promote and improve oral health of all our patients. Get in touch with us today!

Make your teeth whiter and healthier

We offer a wide range of treatments and services that will make you feel comfortable and relaxed. You can get a dental treatment at any of our clinics without waiting for days or weeks.

Ready to start the treatment process?

The treatment process begins with an intake assessment to identify the client's needs and goals. This may involve a family member as well as the client. Once the needs are identified, they will be addressed in the treatment process.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Who should get teeth whitening treatments?

People who have discoloured or stained teeth should get teeth whitening treatments. People who want to brighten and enhance their smiles should also consider teeth whitening. Teeth whitening improves the teeth colour of people who are addicted to tobacco, coffee, tea, and other teeth-staining beverages and foods.

Are teeth whitening treatments safe?

Yes, on the contrary to the common myth that states: Teeth whitening treatments are not safe, when done with professional dentists the teeth whitening treatments are completely safe. The important thing that should be considered is overdoing the teeth whitening treatments can be potentially harmful in the long run.

Will the teeth whitening results last forever?

Unfortunately, no. The results of teeth whitening treatments can last up to 5 to 10 years. However, patients with good oral health routines are more likely to enjoy these results for a longer period of time. The patient should brush their teeth after each and every meal and limit consuming foods and drinks that can dye the teeth.

Our Testimonials

I had a great experience at the Magnum Clinic: Dental Hospital. I was in and out in less than an hour and my teeth felt so much better afterward. The staff was very friendly and professional and I would recommend this place to anyone in the area.
Rafa Makarim Ba
I had a great experience with the staff at Magnum Clinic. They were very kind and gentle with me. I was able to get everything done in one day, which is really convenient. The dentist was very knowledgeable and explained everything I needed to know about my teeth. I would recommend this dental clinic to anyone who needs any dental work done.
Fannie E. Beam
I've been going to the Magnum Clinic for years. I had my wisdom teeth pulled there and the staff was so welcoming, they made me feel comfortable and cared for. The facility is clean and modern with a soothing atmosphere. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. I highly recommend them for any dental needs!
Robert M. Holland

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