Specialist General Dentist

Dr. Neeraja Varikuti

Dr Neeraja is highly dedicated and skilled General & Cosmetic Dentist with 6 years of experience and passion for providing quality healthcare to patients & educating them on the best dental practices.

She graduated with her Bachelor of Dental surgeon degree from Vishnu Dental College, N.T.R university, Andhra Pradesh. After completing her graduation, she has been practicing in Multispecialty dental hospital for 3 years & molded in to excellent dental professional & which taught value of Hospitality towards patients. Later moved to Dubai & worked in dental hospitals.

Professional Information & Experience

Access Multispecialty Dental Hospital, Hyderabad, India from 2013 to 2016.

Royal Dental Clinic, International City, Dubai from 2018 to 2021.


  • Providing professional dental service & care to patients
  • Examine teeth, performing & Interpreting x-rays & diagnose dental conditions
  • Oral prophylaxis, stain removal & air polishing.
  • Teeth Whitening procedures
  • Performing currttage
  • Performing Root Canal Treatment.
  • Restorations (Cosmetic Restorations)
  • Prosthetic rehabilitation of missing teeth (Fixed Bridges, Removable partial dentures)
  • Performing extractions, alveoloplasty & suturing
  • Pre-Orthodontic Procedures & Orthodontic Retainers

Dr Neeraja attends conferences, Hands on courses related to dentistry.

Likes to travel, Listening to music & painting.

Customer Testimonials (Google Reviews)

Mavrik Chettri

I had done 2 sessions of curettage for my gum related issues with Dr.Neeraja, she was courteous and friendly. It was amazing I would recommend her for any dental issues.


I am a traveler from Korea. Suddenly my wisdom tooth hurts so much, so I went to the dentist. This dentist is very kind. I was scared, but Dr Neeraja and nurse subi calmed me down and gave 1st ointment to the wisdom tooth to be extracted, then inject anesthesia around the 2nd wisdom tooth I did it slowly over 10 minutes and helped it not to hurt

Irene Balan

Dr Neeraja & Nurse Karthika assisted me and I’m a regular here. Dr has really light hands and really assisted me well with my dental needs. Highly recommend!!
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