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If you have a tooth that is severely decayed or infected, you may be considering a pulpectomy. This treatment involves removing the pulp from the tooth, which can save your tooth from extraction. At Magnum Clinic, our experienced team of dental professionals can provide you with high-quality pulpectomy treatment.

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What is a tooth pulpectomy?

Root canal procedure in a primary tooth (kid’s tooth) is called as pulpectomy.
A dental pulpectomy is a surgical procedure that is used to remove the pulp from a tooth. The pulp is the soft tissue inside of a tooth that contains the nerves and blood vessels. The purpose of a dental pulpectomy is to treat a tooth that is infected or has a damaged pulp. The pulp is usually removed during a root canal procedure.

Why do you need tooth pulpectomy?

The patient needs tooth pulpectomy when they have a large cavity in their tooth that requires treatment. When the pulp is exposed, it can be painful and can also lead to infection. Pulpectomy is a procedure to remove the pulp from the tooth. It is done whenever there is an irreversible damaged pulp. The presenting symptoms usually includes spontaneous pain in the tooth without any stimulation to the tooth.

What happens during a tooth pulpectomy?

The dental pulpectomy procedure is a surgery that is performed on the teeth to remove the pulp. This surgery is used to treat a tooth that has been infected or has a lot of decay. A pulpectomy procedure is usually carried in two to three visits with 20-30 minutes each visit (fig.1). In the end of the procedure the tooth canals are filled with a resorbable paste & permanently filled from the top.

What if we ignore tooth pulpectomy?

If we ignore dental pulpectomy, the consequences could be detrimental to the patient's oral health. Ignoring this important procedure could lead to an increased risk of tooth decay and infection. Additionally, it is likely that the patient would experience significant pain, swelling and discomfort. If left untreated the patient can develop swelling, be it intra oral or extra oral depending upon the tooth position. Ultimately, it is best to avoid these potential problems by having the dental pulpectomy performed as scheduled.

What to expect after a tooth pulpectomy?

Following a dental pulpectomy, there may be some swelling and discomfort in the area around the tooth. The tooth will return to normal without any pain or swelling within 3 to 5 days usually.

Tooth pulpectomy post-treatment care instructions

The patient is to return for a check-up after 1 month. If the patient experiences any pain, swelling, or bleeding, they are to call the office. The patient should brush their teeth normally but avoid biting down anything hard on the affected area. They should also avoid eating crunchy or sticky foods.

How much does a tooth pulpectomy cost?

The cost of a dental pulpectomy will vary depending on the location where the surgery is performed and the specific needs of the patient. 


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