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Dr. Reshma Sara Joseph - Dentist in Dubai

Dr. Reshma Sara Joseph, is a General Dentist in Dubai, a dedicated general dentist with over 3 years of experience, prioritizes patient comfort and oral health. Graduated from JSS Dental College and practiced at Christian Medical College and Hospital (CMC), Vellore.

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Professional Information & Experience

Dr. Reshma Sara Joseph is a compassionate general dentist with more than three years of experience. She is a graduate of JSS Dental College, Mysore, and gained valuable expertise in general dentistry during her tenure at the prestigious Christian Medical College and Hospital (CMC), Vellore. At CMC, she specialized in Evidence-Based Dentistry and offered diagnosis and medical management for oral precancerous and mucosal lesions in medically compromised patients.

Dr. Reshma: Dental Specialist in Dubai

Dr. Reshma's patient-centric approach focuses on putting patients at ease while improving their oral health. She places a strong emphasis on preventive healthcare and provides comprehensive dental care services, including:-

-Scaling and Polishing
-Aesthetic dental restorations and extractions (minor)
-In-office and home teeth whitening treatments
-Root canal procedures
-Fluoride treatments

Her commitment to accuracy, efficiency, and empathy ensures high levels of patient satisfaction.

Aside from her clinical work, Dr. Reshma remains dedicated to staying updated with the latest advancements in dentistry. She regularly attends dental conferences and courses, reflecting her commitment to providing the best possible dental care to her patients.


  1. What services does Dr. Reshma Joseph offer?
    Dr. Reshma provides a wide range of dental services, including scaling, aesthetic restorations, extractions, teeth whitening, root canals, and fluoride treatments.

  2. Where did Dr. Reshma Joseph receive her dental education?
    Dr. Reshma graduated from JSS Dental College in Mysore.

  3. What is Evidence-Based Dentistry, and how does it benefit patients?
    Evidence-Based Dentistry involves using the latest scientific evidence to guide treatment decisions, ensuring the most effective and reliable care for patients.

  4. Can Dr. Reshma Joseph diagnose oral precancerous lesions?
    Yes, Dr. Reshma has experience in diagnosing and managing oral precancerous lesions in medically compromised patients.

  5. Does Dr. Reshma offer teeth whitening treatments?
    Yes, she provides both in-office and home teeth whitening treatments for patients looking to enhance their smiles.

  6. What is Dr. Reshma's approach to patient care?
    Dr. Reshma focuses on patient comfort, preventive healthcare, and building strong patient-doctor relationships.

  7. Does Dr. Reshma attend continuing education courses?
    Yes, she regularly attends dental conferences and courses to stay updated with the latest dental technologies and advancements.

  8. Is Dr. Reshma experienced in root canal treatments?
    Yes, she is skilled in performing root canal procedures to save and restore damaged teeth.

  9. Can I expect empathy and understanding during my dental visit with Dr. Reshma?
    Absolutely, Dr. Reshma is known for her empathetic approach to patient care, ensuring you feel comfortable and well-informed.

  10. What sets Dr. Reshma apart as a general dentist?
    Dr. Reshma's dedication, clinical expertise, and commitment to staying current with dental advancements make her an exceptional choice for your dental needs.