Temporary Dental Crowns: Things You Don’t Know Yet

Temporary Dental Crowns

Are you suffering from a damaged/decayed/missing tooth? 

Do you need a permanent crown, as suggested by your dentist? If you're still waiting for your permanent crown to be fabricated, you may need to consider getting temporary dental crowns to protect your teeth in the meantime.

Well, you won’t receive the permanent restoration at its first stage as it involves a few stages. That is why temporary acrylic over the tooth will be used until the dentist receives the permanent customized restoration from the dental lab. 

Why would you need a temporary dental crown? Let’s delve deeper to unveil the answers. 

What Is A Temporary Dental Crown?

A temporary crown protects the visible portion of your natural tooth or the implant until the permanent crown is cemented. It is a tooth-shaped cap, which is more delicate than the permanent one. 

You must take additional care during chewing or flossing once the temporary crown is in place. Like permanent dental crowns, temporary ones can also support the size, shape, appearance, and strength of your damaged teeth. 

Types Of Temporary Dental Crowns 

The type of temporary dental crown depends on the duration required for usage and its chosen materials. Here are 3 types of temporary crowns-

  • Long-term temporary resin crown- It is used when the duration is a few months. Mostly resin is used for this type of crown for better quality and durability. It can protect your tooth for up to six months until the permanent crown is fixed. 
  • Short-term resin crown- This is used for a short life span. It is comprised of simple resin and pocket friendly too. 
  • Metal-resin temporary crown- Also known as the metal acrylic crown, it may last up to a few years. It can be used for long-term temporary/permanent solutions. It can be an alternative for those who don’t want to opt for zirconium-ceramic or metal-ceramic crowns. 

What material is used for a temporary crown?

Usually, temporary dental crowns are made of metallic material or acrylic. It can be fitted with temporary crown glue. It is also known as dental crown glue. Like permanent crowns, temporary dental crowns are not customized. Therefore, your doctor may add a dental filling to improvise the fit. 

What do dentists use to attach a temporary crown?

Temporary cement is used to attach the temporary crown to the original tooth.

Types of temporary dental cement

Various types of material used for temporary crown.

1. Acrylic resins temporary crown material

  • Monomethacrylate Based 
  • Polymethacrylate Based 

2.Chemical cure composite

  • Dimethacrylate Based

Why Do You Need A Temporary Dental Crown? 

The dentist needs a few weeks to make the permanent crown to place a temporary tooth crown. It will ensure that the tooth will remain non-affected until the permanent one arrives. When do you need the temporary dental crown? Here are a few scenarios-

  • You want to smile usually without any gaps between your teeth 
  • Your dentist wants to maintain the proper spacing between teeth 
  • You want to limit the gum or tooth sensitivity 
  • You want to eat and chew normally without any irritation 
  • Your dentist wants to ascertain how things will be after placing the permanent dental crown 
  • Your dentist wants to cover a tooth or an implant with a root canal

Temporary crowns may be used for a single tooth or the dentist can bridge over teeth and more implants. 

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Procedure Of Fitting The Temporary Dental Crown 

  • First and foremost, your dentist will examine the problem area to check for any lingering decay or missing tooth. Sometimes, your tooth may be too damaged to hold the crown. Then, you may need procedures like a root canal before placing the crown. 
  • The dentist will numb the tooth area and nearby tissues to prepare the teeth for the crown. 
  • Now, the dentist will record the structure of the affected tooth. It can be taken with a putty-like material that the patient bites into.
  • The impressions will be sent to the dental lab to produce the permanent crown. 
  • The dentist will place a temporary crown to protect the tooth. 

Tips To Take Proper Care Of Your Temporary Dental Crowns 

As the temporary crown cement helps fix the dental crown, you must treat this with extra care. Here is how you can do it-

  • Don’t drink and eat until 30 mins from when you will receive your temporary crown 
  • Clean teeth gently with fluoride toothpaste. You can use a soft-bristled toothbrush during brushing. 
  • Floss regularly maintains in-out motion instead of up and down. It would prevent pulling off your crown. 
  • Don’t eat crunchy, chewy, hard and tough foods which could easily lodge in your teeth. 
  • Avoid sugary foods and drinks, which may make the situation worse. 
  • Be extra careful during drinking or eating something cold/hot. Your temporary crown may be sensitive. 

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How Long Do You Keep The Temporary Dental Crown? 

According to the dentists, your temporary crown must be replaced with the permanent one within 2-3 weeks. However, factors like your present dental condition and the materials used for a temporary crown may affect the schedule. It is recommended to keep in touch with your dentist. 

What Should You Do If The Temporary Crown Comes Out Loose? 

For this scenario, you must not empty the space within your mouth. It may affect the tooth or gum underneath the crown. Besides, it may throw your bite while eating something. Hence, it would cause problems during the time of permanent restoration. 

You must reach out to your dentist immediately if you face this issue. Leaving it unattended will worsen things, delaying the entire procedure. 

Magnum Clinic Will Take Care Of Your Teeth 

Your days of dental anxiety will be over! With our years of practice for dental crown options, you will feel relaxed when our experts go that extra mile to improve your dental health. If you have any questions, give us a call. We will be glad to answer them. 

Faqs - Temporary Dental Crowns

How long do temporary crowns last?

Temporary crowns typically last for about 1 to 3 weeks. They are designed to protect the tooth while a permanent crown is being made and are not meant for long-term use.

What are temporary crowns made of?

Temporary crowns are usually made of materials like acrylic or stainless steel. They are intended to be a short-term solution while a permanent crown is being fabricated, so they are not as durable or aesthetically pleasing as permanent crowns.

What does temporary crown look like?

A temporary crown typically looks like a tooth-colored or metal cap that covers the prepared tooth. It is often less aesthetically pleasing than a permanent crown and is designed to be functional rather than perfectly matched to the surrounding teeth.

Can a temporary crown last 2 months?

A temporary crown is not intended to last for 2 months. It is a short-term solution while a permanent crown is being made, and it may last for a few weeks. Prolonged use of a temporary crown can lead to wear and potential dental issues, so it's important to have it replaced with a permanent crown as soon as possible.