Damon Braces: Get a Straight & Healthy Smile that Boosts Your Confidence

Damon Braces - Types-Cost-Benefits

Misaligned or crooked teeth are a few of the most common causes that can affect your oral health. 

Also, you’re not confident enough to throw a warm smile at your near and dear ones while having a family dinner or a first date with your beloved. 

Thanks to Damon braces, you no longer need to live with improper tooth structure. 

How can Damon braces help you change your teeth alignment slightly faster? Continue reading the blog to find the answer. 

What are Damon braces? 

Damon mouth braces are similar to existing orthodontic systems to straighten your teeth. Usually, braces use brackets and archwires to move teeth. Damon braces for teeth use a self-ligating system to connect the archwires with brackets without the pressure and brightness of conventional metallic braces. Gradually, it will help to move your teeth. 

Damon dental braces are designed to offer quick, comfortable and discreet treatment to correct the alignment of your teeth. 

Why should you choose Damon braces? 

Compared to conventional braces, Damon braces offer a healthier and broader smile in less time. Not only that, there are some other reasons too. Here you go- 

  • Natural broad arch smile- Smile with a broad arch to fill the mouth corners and show more teeth. Hence, the result is appealing and natural. Therefore, your face beams with youthful joviality.
  • Smile arc- Damon self-ligating braces allow following the lower lip curve by the curve of upper teeth. It creates a smile arc for a naturally mesmerising smile. 
  • Proper bite- Having your teeth in the correct position enables proper jaw function. Damon teeth braces will make it upright. Hence, you would have a proper bite every time. 
  • Treatment for the gummy smile- A gummy smile with gingival excess can distract the beauty of your face and teeth. Damon orthodontists can treat this gummy smile now with newer and improved technologies. 
  • Comfortable- Damon braces are comfortable for everyday usage. Nearly 90 per cent of patients are happy with this brace. You can also find Damon braces near you to get the latest feedback from the users about the same. 

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Different types of Damon braces 

Like other types of braces, multiple choices are available for Damon braces-

  • Clear Damon braces- If you’re concerned with your appearance, clear Damon brackets made from transparent composite are there for you. It will easily blend with your teeth. Also, the polycrystalline alumina works as stain resistant. 
  • Damon Ultima system is the latest version of Damon Systems, designed for precise finishing. It is thoughtfully curated for precise control of angulation, rotation and torque. 

How Damon mouth braces work? 

Using a built-in component, self-ligating brackets can hold the wire without the help of elastic ties, like in traditional metal braces. 

Damon braces work through a sliding mechanism. It moves the teeth naturally, following a gentler movement. Hence, the patients feel less discomfort. 

This gradual movement lets the orthodontists create a broader and fuller arch. It can be done without teeth removal or wearing expanders. 

Advantages of Damon braces 

If you opt for Damon dental braces, a few advantages will be waiting for you. Here you go-

  • Aesthetically pleasing- The clear brackets make the Damon braces virtually invisible compared to the traditional braces. 
  • Less pain and pressure- As this process gradually moves your teeth, you will feel less pressure and pain. 
  • Fewer bacteria and plaque buildup- There would be fewer chances of bacteria and plaque buildup as Damon dental braces take less space to set. Hence, brushing and flossing will help to clear the braces accordingly. 
  • Faster treatment- The installation procedure of Damon braces will finish within a short span as compared to other braces. 
  • Less friction- There will be less friction, so there will be less erosion. 

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Tips to take care of Damon braces 

  • Rinse water before brushing to loosen the food particles lodged around the braces. 
  • Use a brush designed to brush at a 45-degree angle. 
  • Angle down the brush on top of each bracket while brushing.
  • Brushing every tooth above and below the brackets removes food debris and plaque. 
  • Use a floss threader for effective flossing. 
  • After brushing, use mouthwash. It will remove the bacteria from your mouth. 

What is the price of Damon braces in Dubai?

The cost of Damon braces in Dubai ranges between AED 6000-9000.

What is the average time of the entire Damon braces treatment? 

It entirely depends on the skill and techniques used during the process. However, you can consult with Damon orthodontists regarding the same. 

Will Damon braces work for you? 

Damon mouth braces address and cure various oral issues like underbite, overbite, crowded teeth etc. You must consult with an orthodontist to check if it will be suitable for you.

Get a dazzling & straight-tooth smile that mesmerises everyone! 

With all the information under your belt, you can now decide to install Damon braces on your teeth. Our experts are also ready to evaluate your present oral condition to suggest you the better type of Damon braces. At Magnum Clinic, we offer the best dental treatments that alleviate your present issues and restore sound oral health. Schedule your appointment with us today. 

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