5 Surprising Benefits of Regular Dental Cleaning

Benefits of Regular Dental Cleaning

6 out of 10 people don’t pay attention to dental cleaning and checkup. Either they don’t have time to visit the nearest dental clinic or neglect the same.

You may think that maintaining oral health isn’t necessary like the other health aspects. The truth is that it’s more important than you think.

Regular dental cleaning is essential to maintain normal oral health and function. A dental expert will clean, polish and floss your teeth to remove bacteria, tartar and plaque.

Not only that, there are some other benefits that we will share with you in the following paragraphs. Before that, let’s take a brief idea of routine dental cleaning.

What Is A Regular Dental Cleaning?

To maintain healthy gums and teeth, regular dental cleaning plays a pivotal role. During cleaning, a dentist will check your teeth' health. Based on that, the expert will remove the bacteria and plaque buildup.

Additionally, a dentist will also perform fluoride treatments and dental sealants. If you have fear related to dental pain, dentists can offer you sedation dentistry to help you stay relaxed.

Procedure Of Dental Cleaning

Based on your needs, your dentist will recommend treatment that involves diagnostic and preventive treatments for deep dental cleaning. It includes-


In this step, the dentist will use a scaler to remove tartar and plaque from the teeth surfaces. They can also use an ultrasonic scaler which vibrates and sprays water. You may hear the scraping sounds during scaling, but it won’t hurt you.


The dentist will polish your teeth using a special paste and a soft rubber cup. This eliminates the teeth surface biofilm while reducing plaque buildup. However, it won’t damage your enamel.

Preventive Treatments

If your premolar teeth have deep crevices, dental sealants will protect those areas from cavity-causing bacteria. Consequently, Fluoride treatments can help to strengthen your enamel. Adults and children can benefit from these treatments. You can ask the dentist which preventive treatments will be right for you.

Dental X-Ray

Every 6-36 months, most of the patients need dental X-rays. You may need regular monitoring based on your oral health condition. For proper diagnosis, routine x- rays are crucial. Based on that, the dentist can hatch up on the next steps.

Benefits Of Dental Cleaning

Routine dental cleaning not only makes your oral health sound, but it will improve your overall health. Continue reading to learn the benefits-

1. Prevents The Buildup Of Plaque And Tartar

Plaque builds up over your teeth, a sticky film containing many bacteria. The consistent build-up of plaque will turn to tartar. In turn, your teeth will get stained. Chances are higher that the germs will produce a foul odor from your mouth. Also, it can lead to gum disease and tooth decay.

You can visit your nearest dental clinic. Dentists will remove the plaque altogether by performing deep dental cleaning.

2. No Bad Breath

Brushing, flossing and using mouthwash will help you to maintain good dental health. Still, there can be food particles present between your teeth. It can lead to bacteria if it isn’t removed completely. Regular brushing may not help to eliminate these food particles as these are hard-to-reach areas.

With routine dental cleaning, dentists will clean these areas. Therefore, no more food residues will be there, which can lead to bacteria formation. It will leave your breath as fresh as the morning breeze.

3. Early Detection Of Oral Issues

You need to visit your nearest dental clinic at least twice a year to evaluate your oral health. Some issues like toothaches and gum bleeding can be noticeable, but a professional check-up is necessary for a thorough inspection.

A routine dental cleaning can help you to catch oral issues at their initial stage. Without doing the same, it may lead to cavities. The situation can even worsen, which will be needing a dental implant.

4. Helps To Maintain Your Pearl White Smile

Deep dental cleaning allows your teeth to sparkle. As the dental expert will tell you which parts need more, you can take care once you return home. Performing the same consistently will make your teeth 2X whiter than before. You will feel more confident while smiling warmly at your close ones.

5. Saves Your Time & Money

If the oral issues are left untreated for a while, that will lead to problems like tooth decay, tartar buildup etc. However, early cleaning can save your hard-earned bucks and precious time. You can contact a dentist to know the deep teeth cleaning procedure and its costs.

For instance, you may need a root canal as you neglected your dental health. Moving forward, you need to undergo several appointments. It will cost you a fortune along with your time.

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FAQs For Dental Cleaning

1. Is regular dental cleaning worth it?

Routine dental cleaning is required to maintain sound oral health. It reduces the risk of getting affected by common oral health problems. It will keep your dental issues at bay without making them vulnerable.

2. Who needs a frequent deep dental cleaning? 

People who are suffering from-

  • Gum disease
  • Weakened immune system
  • Have other clinical issues that directly affect oral health
  • Cavities
  • Plaque and tartar buildup

3. Is there any risk of routine dental cleaning? 

Regular dental cleanings are completely safe and cost-effective. No risks are attached to the cleaning procedure. However, you may experience sore gums post-cleaning. To manage the same, you can take pain relievers like ibuprofen, naproxen, acetaminophen etc.

4. What dental cleaning tools are used during a deep dental cleaning? 

  • Scalers
  • Polishers
  • Water flossers
  • Mirrors

5. How long does the teeth deep cleaning process take? 

Regular dental cleaning may take up to one hour, based on the patient’s oral health condition. However, undergoing root planning and debridement may take longer.