5 Reasons Why Dentists Claim Deep Teeth Cleaning Can Keep Oral Problems at Bay

Benefits Of Deep Teeth Cleaning

According to a study, Periodontitis ( a gum disease) not only leads to lousy breathing and bleeding, but there is a connection between periodontitis and atrial fibrosis found in the sample of a significant number of people having the cardiac disease.

To mitigate the risks of gum disease and prevent the same from spreading to other parts of the body, deep cleaning of teeth is a wise option compared to standard cleaning.

How is teeth deep cleaning different from standard cleaning? Why do dentists across the globe prefer deep teeth cleaning?

If you’re seeking these answers, this blog is meant for you.

Let’s delve deeper.

What Is Deep Cleaning Of Teeth?

Deep teeth cleaning is a clinical procedure that entails cleaning the teeth between roots and gums. Patients who have a buildup of tartar in roots and exteriors should undergo deep cleaning of teeth. Otherwise, it will result in bacterial gum infections. During deep cleaning of teeth, deep scaling is performed beneath the gum line to remove tartar. An ultrasonic device is used to remove plaque from the surface of teeth.

To remove the rough spots from the gums, root planning is performed. It prevents bacteria from sticking to the gums in the future. Also, an antibiotic gel is applied during the deep cleaning of teeth. This gel can kill hard-to-reach germs while creating a shield that prevents further infection. If the dentists check that you have red and swollen gums, they recommend deep teeth cleaning.

What Are Regular Teeth Cleaning?

It is the usual care that your dentist carries every time you visit their client. The objective of regular teeth cleaning is to eliminate the tartar and plaque from your teeth. This can prevent gum disease and tooth decay caused by the bacteria in your mouth.

Managing bacterial growth inside your mouth is the key to maintaining oral health. On that note, brushing and flossing are pivotal in removing the excess bacteria from your teeth and gums. However, this isn’t sufficient when it comes to teeth deep cleaning.

According to William Giannobile, a dentistry and biomedical engineering professor at the University of Michigan, “One yearly cleaning is enough for patients having no risk factors. On the other hand, patients having one or more risk factors should visit the dental clinic twice a year.”

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Reasons Why Deep Cleaning Of Teeth Is Necessary

Deep teeth cleaning helps to remove harmful bacteria by penetrating below the gumline. As regular teeth cleaning can barely reach every area in your mouth, additional cleaning methods are required. Here are the reasons why you need teeth deep cleaning-

1. Alleviates Gum Inflammation

Have you ever checked that your gums are red and swollen? That may be a sign of gum disease. If you see blood every time you brush your teeth, you should visit the nearby dentist for deep cleaning.

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2. Controls Gum Infection

A massive influx of tartar and plaque may cause gum infection. However, deep teeth cleaning can help mitigate these issues while preventing gingivitis and inflammation. Also, ensure you’re intaking green vegetables and fruits enriched with antioxidants. Besides, don’t forget to brush and floss your teeth daily.

3. Reduction Of Space Size Between Teeth

Gums and teeth should be attached as a gap may lead to food particles getting stuck between teeth along the gum line. It can lead towards infection as the bacteria will proliferate. Deep teeth cleaning will re-attach the teeth properly to your gumline.

4. Helps You To Stay Healthy

If your teeth are not clean, it will negatively impact your health, especially heart problems. Not only that, it can lead towards various types of cancer. Therefore, deep cleaning of teeth plays a pivotal role not just in keeping your oral health fine but also in keeping your overall health sound.

5. Feel Fresh Like An Ocean Breeze

Once you deeply clean your teeth, you can feel the freshness and smoothness. There will no longer be tartar and plaque. Instead, you will get whiten and brighten teeth with no foul smell. Are you ready to smile warmly at your near and dear ones?

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FAQ About Deep Teeth Cleaning

1. What is the procedure for deep teeth cleaning?

Initial discussion- The dentist will ask you if there was any past dental history or if you’re under any medication. Based on the evaluated scenario, the expert will suggest further steps related to comprehensive examination.
Periodontal charting- At this step, the dentist will measure your gum sockets’ depth. He/she will use a tool to assess the same. It is known as periodontal probing, which determines if one has gingivitis.
Scaling- Once the dentist determines that gum pockets are all right, then he/she will use an ultrasonic device to scrape tartar and plaque from the teeth surface manually.
Polishing- The dentist will use an air polisher to smooth the surface of the teeth.
Flossing- Now, the dentist will clean the contact areas by using string floss/ tiny brushes, which can penetrate between the teeth.

2. What can I eat after a deep cleaning of my teeth?

Lukewarm soups
Soft cooked rice
Green vegetables
Soft meats
Mashed potatoes

3. What foods do I need to avoid after deep teeth cleaning?

Sharp or crunchy foods
Highly acidic foods
Hot foods and beverages
Spicy foods
Alcoholic beverages

4. How much does deep teeth cleaning cost?

The dentist will determine what you need to cover the deep teeth cleaning procedure based on your oral health condition. So, you need to contact a dentist for an estimate.

5. Is deep teeth cleaning necessary?

Yes, it is. Deep teeth cleaning plays a crucial role in preventing further bacteria growth in the pockets and roots of your teeth.