Tooth Extraction

Magnum Clinic can offer you various treatment options for extracting your teeth. Whether you have developed severe dental infections or have wisdom teeth complications, we can make your pain management much easier with our best quality tooth extraction procedures. Maybe you want a crowded teeth solution or have to prepare for a dental prosthesis; Magnum Clinic can make your journey smoother with an excellent tooth extraction solution.



Tooth Extraction Treatment in Dubai

The tooth extraction procedure at Magnum Clinic requires the patient to undergo an initial consultation with our qualified dentists and follow through with some tests. It helps us in determining which extraction procedure would be suitable for you. To make the procedure painless, we administer patients with local anesthesia to numb the teeth and surrounding tissue. Once the tooth is loosened up, we carefully lift the teeth up from the socket.

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Magnum Offer Various Types of Dental Treatments

Types of Tooth Extraction Treatments

Simple Tooth Extractions

If the shape of your tooth and roots allows for easy removal, we can apply a simple tooth extraction technique to you. Then your tooth can be extracted without needing access to the tooth below the gum line, making the procedure all the smoother.

Impacted Tooth Extractions

Are your wisdom teeth having difficulties erupting appropriately? Magnum Clinic can perform the impacted tooth extraction procedure to remove the tooth and maintain your healthy smile.

Removal of Tooth Roots

When your teeth are pulled, the roots of your teeth may be left behind in some cases. Our skilled practitioners can assist you with these remaining roots, which can cause discomfort and other dental issues.

Tooth Extraction Treatment Process

The tooth extraction treatment process usually begins with a consultation in which the dentist will assess the patient's oral health and discuss the treatment options. If the patient requires a tooth extraction, the dentist will numb the area around the tooth with a local anesthetic and then use special tools to loosen and remove the tooth. In some cases, the dentist may also need to remove some of the surrounding bone tissue.

What makes us unique?

We are a one-stop solution for any dental complications providing customized service and attention to each of our patients. Patients can receive treatment from the Magnum Clinic team of oral care professionals at an affordable price range. Our priority towards making patients’ treatment visits less to the clinic while keeping them comfortable is what sets up apart from other practices. Providing a clean and polished hygienic environment to technologically advanced in-house diagnosis procedures, we make it all convenient for the patients.


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Magnum Dental Care is a leading provider of dental services in Dubai

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The treatment process begins with an intake assessment to identify the client's needs and goals. This may involve a family member as well as the client. Once the needs are identified, they will be addressed in the treatment process.
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Our Client Says

Our clients state that our services are top notch and they always receive the best customer service. They appreciate the fact that we always go above and beyond to help them meet their needs. Our clients have also stated that they would recommend our services to anyone who needs them.
  • The best dental care I have ever experienced.
    Dr. Aakash Sharma (pediatric specialist dentist) did a great job! Professional, courteous, and friendly staff made me feel comfortable and in good hands!! Would highly recommend to anyone.
    Loved the idea of the kids room!

    Navaz Dungore

    Pediatric Dentistry
  • Had tooth filling treatment with Dr.Neeraja. She explained about all root causes for my dental problems and about the procedures needed to be done. The procedure was smooth and result was comfortable and satisfying. Dr.Neeraja is very polite and professional staff.
    I highly recommend her for any dental problems.

    Suneel Kumar

    Tooth Filling
  • I had my bridge done by Dr. Nithika - the best Dentist here at Dubai Silicon Oasis. Fitting was flawless and aesthetically pleasing as the bridge looked like natural teeth. She has gentle hands and I highly recommend her for your dental care.

    Lorenzo Burnique


Frequently Asked Questions

Does it hurt during the tooth extraction process?

Typically, during the tooth extraction procedure, sedation is administered to the patient, so they can feel comfortable and stay relaxed. In most cases, the tooth which is getting extracted has dead or dying nerves, which means it can’t send pain signals.

How long is the recovery period after tooth extractions?

Once the tooth extraction procedure is completed, the dentist will give you detailed at-home care instructions. The patient must follow the instructions diligently to avoid any complications.

What options do the patient have for replacing the missing teeth?

In case you have removed your wisdom teeth, no need to replace them after extraction. However, if you have extracted one of your other permanent teeth from damage, or infections, then the patient can replace the gaps with dental implants, fixed dental bridges, partial dentures, etc.

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Magnum Dental Care is a leading provider of dental services in Dubai