Teeth Whitening

Magnum Clinic can avail you of the best treatment procedures to make your dentition shine pearl white. The whitening solutions utilized in teeth whitening treatment at Magnum Clinic are of the best quality to provide a dramatic and lasting result. Our skilled dentists take appropriate measures to not affect the gums and other oral structures while performing in-office teeth whitening. All in all, making sure the patients obtain the utmost satisfaction level for this cosmetic procedure.


Teeth Whitening in Dubai

At Magnum Clinic, patients can complete the procedure within one appointment. First, the patients' teeth would be examined for any underlying defects as well as figure out the stains. Our dentist would clean the tooth to remove the outer film that is coating the enamel before starting the whitening process. The entire process would take about 30-90 mins, depending on the stains' severity. Our skilled dentist will first cover your gums before applying the whitening agent to your teeth. Some whitening agents necessitate the use of laser lights to get optimum results.

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Teeth Whitening
Magnum Offer Various Types of Dental Treatments

Types of Teeth Whitening Treatments

Stain Removal Treatment

We can avail patients to undergo the airflow stains removal process to get optimum results prior to the teeth whitening procedure.

In-office whitening

We can offer you a laser whitening procedure for our in-office teeth whitening procedure. Our treatment can present you with a whiter, brighter smile with no damage to your teeth or gums at the end of your appointment.

ICON teeth Whitening

New innovative cosmetic treatment that can repair and transform the appearance of your teeth practically instantly. We use an infiltration technique to blend in the white spots with the rest of your tooth. Then apply ICON gel to open teeth pores. Then put on a small amount of tooth-colored resin to get the desired result.

Internal tooth whitening

We can offer you an internal tooth bleaching procedure that focuses on the inside structure of the tooth to give you a lasting result.
It can be a more effective option than whitening procedures that work on the outside

Tooth Whitening Treatment Process

The teeth whitening process is the use of a bleaching agent to lighten the color of teeth. The most common bleaching agent used is hydrogen peroxide. The whitening process can be done at a dental office. To achieve the best results, the bleaching agent is applied to the teeth and then activated with a light or laser.

What makes us unique?

We are a one-stop destination for all kinds of dental issues while offering personalized care and attention to each of our patients. Patients can obtain treatment from the Magnum Clinic's team of dental care specialists at a reasonable cost. What sets us unique from other practices is our commitment to reducing patients' treatment visits to the clinic while maintaining their comfort and satisfaction level.


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Magnum Dental Care is a leading provider of dental services in Dubai

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The treatment process begins with an intake assessment to identify the client's needs and goals. This may involve a family member as well as the client. Once the needs are identified, they will be addressed in the treatment process.
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Our Client Says

Our clients state that our services are top notch and they always receive the best customer service. They appreciate the fact that we always go above and beyond to help them meet their needs. Our clients have also stated that they would recommend our services to anyone who needs them.
  • The best dental care I have ever experienced.
    Dr. Aakash Sharma (pediatric specialist dentist) did a great job! Professional, courteous, and friendly staff made me feel comfortable and in good hands!! Would highly recommend to anyone.
    Loved the idea of the kids room!

    Navaz Dungore

    Pediatric Dentistry
  • Had tooth filling treatment with Dr.Neeraja. She explained about all root causes for my dental problems and about the procedures needed to be done. The procedure was smooth and result was comfortable and satisfying. Dr.Neeraja is very polite and professional staff.
    I highly recommend her for any dental problems.

    Suneel Kumar

    Tooth Filling
  • I had my bridge done by Dr. Nithika - the best Dentist here at Dubai Silicon Oasis. Fitting was flawless and aesthetically pleasing as the bridge looked like natural teeth. She has gentle hands and I highly recommend her for your dental care.

    Lorenzo Burnique


Frequently Asked Questions

Does professional teeth whitening procedure work?

Professional teeth whitening can make teeth eight to nine shades whiter than they were previously. The success of a professional teeth whitening treatment is determined by the teeth's condition before the procedure.

What solution is used for teeth whitening?

Typically, it is the peroxide solution that's used as a teeth whitening agent. However, there are now varieties of teeth whitening agents available, which include carbamide peroxide, hydrogen peroxide, potassium nitrate fluoride, etc.

How long would it take for the teeth whitening process?

The in-office teeth whitening procedure can take just one hour to complete, and the result depends on the concentration ratio of the whitening agents. Generally, the result can last for a long time, but it depends on how you care for your teeth after the procedure.

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Magnum Dental Care is a leading provider of dental services in Dubai