Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment in Dubai, Silicon Oasis

Root canal treatment is one of the terrifying dental procedures, yet it remains one of the most cost-effective ways to salvage a tooth that is teetering on the edge of being lost.

A root canal is essential when a bacterial infection penetrates the nerve and pulp of the tooth. In some severe cases, this can ultimately compromise the nerves, resulting in severe pain, and in most situations, an urgent trip to the dentist is required. Problems Arise as the nerve of the tooth has a small blood source that brings blood and immunity into the nerve cavity inside the tooth. This small amount of immunity is easily overpowered by decay or a crack in a tooth resulting in the death of the nerve.

Naturally, it takes time for your body to resolve the infection around the tooth with root canal therapy, so it is vital to give your body time to heal. We can only treat the infection as quickly as you heal. Usually, it takes 2 or 3 appointments depending on how fast your body deals with the infection.

Root canal treatment will generally take two to three visits so that the inside of the infected tooth can be appropriately cleaned, shaped, and filled once the nerve is removed. A filling is fitted on top of your natural tooth to make it completely functional and comfortable.

A crown is also recommended for those who have undergone root canal treatment, as the tooth starts to weaken and become brittle without its nerve. A crown protects your teeth and makes them easier to use. This is usually recommended between three and six months after your root canal treatment to make sure that the root has settled first.

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