Pediatric Dentistry

Are you looking for an accessible specialist Pediatric Dentist in Dubai, in a child–friendly environment with the dedicated and responsive team? Look no further, Magnum Pediatric Clinic is here to take care of your little one’s needs.

1. What is a pediatric dentist?

Pediatric dentists are specialized dentists, dedicated to the oral health of children from infancy through the teen years.

2. What are the common treatment modalities that a Pediatric dentist does?

Here are some common treatments:-

Tooth filling

Pulpectomy (Root canal in kids) Dental trauma

Dental trauma

Tooth caps (stainless steel crowns)

Preventive dental therapies like pits and fissures sealants, fluorides therapies.

Tooth extractions.

Space management in the dental arches.

Habit-breaking appliances and etc.

3. What is sedation dentistry and why do we need that?

At magnum dental clinic we want to make the dental experience pleasant and easy for the kids through sleep dentistry.


    1. Gives an anxiety-free dental
    1. More used for nervous
    1. Different options for sedation dentistry according to your
    1. Saves time and exceptional level of


4. What is Nitrous oxide inhalational sedation?

We at Magnum dental clinic believe that Behavior management is the key to success as far as the pediatric dentistry is concerned. Routinely, we use various non pharmacological ways to manage a child’s behavior in a dental clinic. However, in case of very fearful or anxious children, these techniques may not be sufficient and conscious sedation may prove to be a helpful tool and can help us in gaining the child’s confidence so as making his or her subsequent dental visits pleasing. One of the most challenging tasks in a dental office is to administer local anesthesia to the child patient. It is the most unacceptable procedure by the child, which often makes the child uncooperative. However using the pharmacological behavior management techniques such as conscious sedation while administering local anesthetic solution can provide pain-free dentistry to children.

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