Ophthalmology Clinic in Dubai: Magnum Clinic provides routine vision care and evaluation and treatment for a wide range of eye diseases. We offer a wide array of eye care treatments ranging from common conditions to the rarest and complicated. Our doctors treat hundreds of patients with a wide variety of eye conditions each year.

Complete Screening

Our team of ophthalmologists assists you with screening for all your eye diseases. Our ophthalmology patients are treated with the latest and most effective treatments and technologies. We work with integrity and honesty in treating our patients.

Preserving Healthy Eyesight

Magnum Ophthalmology Clinic in Dubai excels in preserving healthy eyesight preventing blindness by delivering comprehensive, coordinated eye care to patients. We treat patients with specialised care whose vision is threatened by eye disease, systemic disease, or injury.


Diagnostic Acumen

At Magnum Clinic, we understand that ophthalmology is a rare specialty that combines the need for diagnostic accuracy with the skills of the surgeon. We aim to develop long-term relationships with patients who may need a lifetime of treatment. Our team intervenes decisively in other patients’ care with procedures to eradicate the disease.

Highest Level Of Patient Care

If you’re looking for reliable information on specific eye conditions, choose Magnum Clinic. Our physicians, nurses, surgeons and health care professionals work collectively in their areas of expertise to deliver the highest level of patient care.