Cosmetic Dentistry

Your teeth have a profound impact on how you look and appear to others. Your smile unlocks your confidence level. At Magnum Clinic, our cosmetic dentists will help you realize your smile's potential with the right esthetic treatment plans tailor-made for your cosmetic needs. Come to Magnum Clinic for a cosmetic dentist consultation and improve your smile with our customized treatments. From your confidence to your oral health, cosmetic dentistry at Magnum Clinic has the scope of enhancing every aspect of your precious teeth. Come for a consultation with our expert cosmetic dentists and let them help you with their years of experience and insightful advice.


Cosmetic Dentistry in Dubai

You have the right to a beautiful and dazzling white smile no matter who you are. By visiting the Magnum Clinic in Dubai, you make the decision to create a pretty, confident smile for yourself. As a leading dental healthcare provider and multispecialty dental clinic in Dubai, we provide people with the most vital and popular cosmetic dentistry services for their benefit. Whether it's something as simple as a teeth whitening procedure or a more complex cosmetic procedure, you get the best treatment plans with us. Driveaway your disappointment in your smile with our best-in-class cosmetic dentistry solutions and services. Formulated by our professional dentists, you will not find our services and solutions anywhere else in Dubai.

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Magnum Offer Various Types of Dental Treatments

Types of Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

tooth decay

Teeth Whitening

Who does not want a set of pearly whites that sparkle every time you smile? At Magnum Clinic Dubai, we make this desire of yours come true with the best teeth whitening treatments at affordable prices.

Gum Contouring

Do you think your teeth and gums are making your smile look weird? Choose our gum contouring services today and get rid of a gummy smile today. Consult our professional dentists for gum contouring procedures today.

Teeth Shaping

Are you worried about the unusual shape of your teeth? Bring back your teeth into shape and uniform size with the help of teeth enamel shaping services from cosmetic dentists at Magnum Clinic. Reshape your teeth for a shapely smile without any hassle or pain.

Veneers Process

The process of veneers is a dental procedure that uses a thin layer of porcelain to cover the front surface of a tooth. The veneers process can be used to change the color, shape, or size of a tooth, or to fix a damaged or chipped tooth. The porcelain used in veneers is very strong and can last for many years.

What makes us unique?

Cosmetic dentistry is a very specialized stream of dentistry that needs the most expert hands and minds. When you entrust your teeth and their appearance to our hands, we at Magnum Clinic make sure we extend the rightful advice for improving your oral health and appearance. We discuss extensively with our patients before proceeding with the actual procedure so that their expectations from the treatment plan are fulfilled. We provide the best advice, treatment, and aftercare for your pearly whites.


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Magnum Dental Care is a leading provider of dental services in Dubai

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We offer a wide range of treatments and services that will make you feel comfortable and relaxed. You can get a dental treatment at any of our clinics without waiting for days or weeks.

Ready to start the treatment process?

The treatment process begins with an intake assessment to identify the client's needs and goals. This may involve a family member as well as the client. Once the needs are identified, they will be addressed in the treatment process.
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Our Client Says

Our clients state that our services are top notch and they always receive the best customer service. They appreciate the fact that we always go above and beyond to help them meet their needs. Our clients have also stated that they would recommend our services to anyone who needs them.
  • The best dental care I have ever experienced.
    Dr. Aakash Sharma (pediatric specialist dentist) did a great job! Professional, courteous, and friendly staff made me feel comfortable and in good hands!! Would highly recommend to anyone.
    Loved the idea of the kids room!

    Navaz Dungore

    Pediatric Dentistry
  • Had tooth filling treatment with Dr.Neeraja. She explained about all root causes for my dental problems and about the procedures needed to be done. The procedure was smooth and result was comfortable and satisfying. Dr.Neeraja is very polite and professional staff.
    I highly recommend her for any dental problems.

    Suneel Kumar

    Tooth Filling
  • I had my bridge done by Dr. Nithika - the best Dentist here at Dubai Silicon Oasis. Fitting was flawless and aesthetically pleasing as the bridge looked like natural teeth. She has gentle hands and I highly recommend her for your dental care.

    Lorenzo Burnique


Frequently Asked Questions

Will Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures Harm Your Dental Health?

No, the cosmetic dentistry procedures at Magnum Clinic are completely safe and do not harm your oral health. Moreover, these procedures improve your oral health and appearance instead

Can You Get Cosmetic Dentistry Procedure With Gum Disease?

You can get cosmetic dentistry procedures done with gum disease. However, it is better to take a multi-faceted approach to the issue with disease treatment first and then cosmetic dentistry procedure to improve the look of the teeth.

Are Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures Painful?

No, cosmetic dentistry procedures are not painful in general. Our dentists at Magnum Clinic take a painless approach to the procedures so that recovery and care after the procedure is easy.

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Magnum Dental Care is a leading provider of dental services in Dubai