Cone beam CT, Panoramic OPG / 3D

The Magnum Clinic is a fully functional dental clinic serving in Silicon Oasis, Dubai.
Our fully equipped dental health care services cater to a wide array of patients with diverse problems. With our team of expert doctors, we diagnose and treat all your dental issues with the best care and high-end equipment.

We offer unsurpassed imaging quality and accurate results with every scan.

We Offer

  • 3D Dental Cone Beam CT Scan
  • Full panoramic x-rays
  • X-rays of single teeth

It is known that complicated dental procedures require dental x-ray as a prerequisite. Our medical care center provides all the prerequisite services. You can get both screening and treatment done in a single place. Our doctors recommend the right screening procedures for your dental problems. After the scans and testing results come out, our doctors prescribe the best dental solution.

With panoramic x-rays, multiple anatomic regions can be evaluated in one film. We use the x-rays and screenings to assess the selected areas of the facial skeletal anatomy. For patients who require dental implants, we need an accurate CT scan. These scans help us in diagnosing your problem with accuracy. The scans allow complete visualisation of the planned surgical site for the dental surgeons.

The Magnum Clinic also provides Cone Beam CT scans – a new imaging modality that allows excellent visualisation of facial anatomy. The accuracy of these scanners is high, and they produce the most accurate imaging. Our team of diagnosticians is ready to assist you with all scans.