Are you looking for an accessible the best Pediatric Dentist in Dubai, in a child–friendly environment with dedicated and responsive team of paediatricians? Look no further, Magnum Paediatric Clinic is here to take care of your little one’s needs

Magnum Clinic understands that children have unique healthcare needs. Our paediatricians keenly understand this and bring all their experience, training, and technological resources together for treating children.

Exceptional Level Of Care

Paediatricians at Magnum Clinic provide exceptional level of care with coordination with other specialists such as paediatric surgeons, nephrologists, endocrinologists and others. The goal of our clinic is to have a positive impact on the lives of children by providing exceptional health care.

We offer same-day appointments and a continuity clinic for checks and follow-up care.

  • Children can receive their routine check-ups
  • Get an assessment of their growth and development
  • Get a physical examination
  • Get immunizations

Pediatric Dentist in Dubai & Treatment

Our doctors provide general patient education about childhood topics such as nutrition, sleep, behavior, safety, and development. Doctors at Magnum Clinic stay on top of the most current trends in paediatric care and treatment. We are involved with continuously improving patient care with our paediatricians and paediatric specialists.


Reputed & Highly Experienced Doctors

Feel free to visit our practice to get a thorough assessment of the health of your child. We serve in Silicon Oasis, Dubai. Our team is backed with years of experience in treating hundreds of patients with only the best care possible. When you visit Magnum Clinic, you can be rest assured that you get treated by the most reputed and highly experienced doctors.