The Magnum Gulf Medical Center provides progressive, evidence-based techniques to treat your conditions and injuries. We are experienced in offering complete physiotherapy for all your conditions.

Our Physiotherapy Treatments Aim to Give You

  • Better mobility
  • Strength
  • Endurance
  • Function
  • Minimize and manage any pain symptoms

The Magnum Gulf Medical Center takes an active rehabilitation approach with goal-oriented programs, and we measure your progress regularly.

Our therapists evaluate you to identify the source of the dysfunction. Once we identify the cause of pain, and we prescribe and facilitate a program to improve range of motion, strength, endurance, and balance.

Therapists at Magnum Gulf Medical Centeruse manual therapy to assist joint, back or neck mobility. We perform soft tissue massage to reduce tissue adherence andtightness. Our physiotherapists design custom exercise programs for you to do at home.

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Magnum Gulf Medical Centerhas movement specialists who determine the core root of your physical problem and treat the cause, not just the symptoms.

Have pain, or are having difficulty doing something?

Have you sprained your ankle in a sports injury?

Have you been involved in a motor vehicle accident ?

Just woke up with pain in a joint or muscle that has not gone away?

Visit our clinic for comprehensive evaluation and treatment.Our team at Magnum Gulf Medical Center uses knowledge and experience to assess, restore and maintain your physical ability. We perform an in-depth assessment of the problem,which includes asking you relevant questions about your pain or injury and how it affects you and then prescribe treatment accordingly.