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Dr. Apeksha Dhanuka - Periodontist Dentist in Dubai

Dr. Apeksha Dhanuka is the best periodontist in Dubai and a talented General Dentist, Periodontist & Implantologist in Dubai with 5+ years of experience. She offers a wide range of dental services and strives to improve oral health for all patients. Book an appointment today at the Magnum Clinic for periodontists in Dubai.

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Professional Information & Experience

Dr. Apeksha Dhanuka is the best Indian dentist in Dubai. She is a highly skilled and experienced periodontist & implantologist dentist with over 5 years of experience in the field. She has been certified in Periodontics and Implantology from the Maharashtra University of Medical Sciences and has a passion for providing quality dental care to her patients. Dr. Dhanuka's expertise and compassion for her patients have earned her recognition as a winner in the Indian Society of Periodontics Integrate in Pune.

Dr. Apeksha: Periodontist Specialist in Dubai

With a gentle demeanour and excellent problem-solving skills, Dr. Dhanuka is well known for her exceptional clinical skills and patient-centred approach. She takes the time to listen to her patients and understand their unique needs, always putting their well-being first. 

  • Areas of dental care expertise include:-
  • periodontal flap procedures,
  •  regenerative procedures,
  •  root coverage procedures, 
  • Laser dentistry

and implants, combined with her experience in smile design, dental veneers, aesthetic restorations, and painless surgical and non-surgical extractions, make her a trusted dental care provider.

Dr. Dhanuka is currently working as a General Dentist at the Magnum Clinic and was a former Chief Dentist at Lion Dental Clinic in Mumbai. She has also been a consultant at over 20 clinics in the Mumbai area, and has completed research on dental implants. Her hard-working and easy-going nature, combined with her self-motivation and strong leadership skills, make her a valuable asset to any dental practise.

In addition to her clinical work, Dr. Dhanuka has also been recognised for her contributions to the field of dentistry through her publications in national and international journals on topics related to periodontics and implants. Her poster presentation at the Indian Society of Periodontics Integrate in Pune is a testament to her dedication to advancing the field.

In conclusion, Dr. Apeksha Dhanuka is a highly qualified and compassionate dental professional who is dedicated to providing her patients with the best care possible. Whether you need a routine cleaning, or a more complex procedure, you can trust in her expertise and commitment to your well-being.


  1. What is your area of expertise as a dentist?
    Dr. Apeksha Dhanuka specialises in general dentistry with a focus on periodontics and implantology.

  2. How many years of experience do you have as a general dentist?
    Dr. Apeksha Dhanuka has over 5 years of experience as a general dentist in Dubai.

  3. Are you a certified periodontist and implantologist?
    Yes, Dr. Apeksha Dhanuka is a certified periodontist and implantologist from Maharashtra University of Health Sciences.

  4. What makes you different from other dentists?
    Dr. Apeksha Dhanuka sets herself apart from other dentists with her specialised knowledge and training in periodontics and implantology, her easy-going and soft-spoken manner, and her commitment to her patients' well-being.

  5. What kinds of procedures do you specialize in?
    Dr. Apeksha Dhanuka specialises in periodontal flap procedures, regenerative procedures, root coverage procedures, laser dentistry, implants, smile design, dental veneers, aesthetic restorations, painless surgical and non-surgical extractions, and more.

  6. Do you provide dental implants?
    Yes, Dr. Apeksha Dhanuka provides dental implant services.

  7. Can you perform smile designing procedures?
    Yes, Dr. Apeksha Dhanuka provides smile design procedures for her patients.

  8. What type of sedation do you offer for patients who experience dental anxiety?
    The type of sedation offered for patients with dental anxiety will vary based on the individual case and the procedure being performed. Dr. Apeksha Dhanuka will discuss the options available to help ensure the comfort of her patients.

  9. What is your approach to patient care?
    Dr. Apeksha Dhanuka prioritises the well-being of her patients and takes the time to ensure they are comfortable and informed about their treatment plan. She is soft-spoken, easy-going, and has good problem-solving skills.

  10. Do you accept insurance?
    This will depend on the specific insurance plan and coverage. Patients are encouraged to contact Dr. Apeksha Dhanuka's office for more information on insurance acceptance.

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