Oral and Maxillofacial

Dr. Amel Eltayeb

Bringing 15 years of dental practice and 8 years as a maxillofacial surgeon, Dr. Amel Eltayeb is a distinguished practitioner in the field. A holder of multiple fellowships and a member of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, Dr. Amel specializes in oral surgery, maxillofacial trauma and reconstruction, and cleft lip & palate surgeries.

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Professional Information & Experience

About Dr. Amel Eltayeb:Dr. Amel, a graduate from the University of Khartoum, Sudan (2009), holds a medical doctorate in maxillofacial surgery from SMSB. As the former head of the Maxillofacial Surgery Unit at a governmental teaching hospital and an assistant professor of OMS at Nile University, Sudan, Dr. Amel has a rich academic and clinical background.Services Offered:
  1. Oral Surgery:
    • Surgical & Non-surgical Extractions
    • Dental Implants
    • Pre-Orthodontic Surgeries
    • Pre-Prosthetic Surgeries
  2. Surgical Removal of Pathological Lesions of the Jaws:
    • Odontogenic Cysts
    • Tumors
  3. Maxillofacial Trauma and Reconstruction:
    • Expertise in treating traumatic injuries to the face and reconstructive procedures.
  4. Cleft Lip and Palate Surgeries:
    • Subspecialty training in cleft lip & palate and craniofacial surgery.
  5. Alveolar Bone Grafting:
    • Specialized procedures for restoring bone structure in the oral cavity.
  6. TMJ and Myofacial Pain Diagnosis and Management:
    • Assessment and management of temporomandibular joint disorders and myofacial pain.
Research and Publications:An active researcher with a diploma in research methodology and biostatistics, Dr. Amel has contributed to the field with over 15 publications in reputable journals. She has also presented papers at various international conferences, including ICOMS in Hong Kong (2017) and Brazil (2019), as well as Indocleft in India (2018).Philosophy:Dr. Amel is committed to advancing oral and maxillofacial surgery through a combination of academic expertise and hands-on clinical practice. Her patient-focused approach ensures comprehensive and personalized care for every individual.


1. What is the significance of alveolar bone grafting in oral surgery?

Alveolar bone grafting, performed by Dr. Amel, is crucial for restoring bone structure in the oral cavity, particularly in preparation for dental implants and other restorative procedures.

2. How can I schedule a consultation for cleft lip and palate surgery?

To schedule a consultation for cleft lip and palate surgery with Dr. Amel, please contact our clinic through our website or call our office. Our team will assist you in finding a suitable appointment.

3. What is the focus of Dr. Amel's research publications?

Dr. Amel's research covers various aspects of oral and maxillofacial surgery, contributing valuable insights to the field. Her publications span topics from surgical techniques to biostatistical analysis.

4. How does Dr. Amel approach TMJ and myofacial pain management?

Dr. Amel employs a comprehensive approach to diagnose and manage temporomandibular joint disorders and myofacial pain, tailoring treatments to each patient's unique needs.

5. Can I undergo oral surgery if I have dental implants?

Yes, Dr. Amel specializes in oral surgery, including procedures for dental implants. She will assess your specific situation and provide personalized recommendations for your dental care.